8th November 2011

A few Images from the beginning of this month, I’ve tried something i never thought I would, landscapes.

I hope you enjoyed these images and as alway leave input and feedback.


27th October 2011

Its been a month since my last post so here’s what you’ve missed out on.

Its been a busy last few weeks with the wind up of the South West Motocross series, and the Western Australian Downhill State Championship, all making for amazing photo opportunities. Thank you for viewing my images and as always leave any comments you have on my images.


25th August 2011

Today you’ll find a collection of my newer work including photos from the Albany Motocross interclub taken with the Canon EOS 5D MKII with either the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 or the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8

Hope you enjoyed the photos and remember to leave comments or opinions on these photos

24th August 2011

Below you’ll find some new photos, and some old photos from all different genres of photography


Enjoy these photos and leave any opinions or comments. Thank you

4th August, 2011

In this post you’ll find a lot of Black and white images as i have just recently received my new camera and have been hooked on the color profiles you can change so quickly and easily between user setting and a black and whit set up to my liking. Every photo was shot on the 5d MK II with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 as i love that lens more then oxygen.

If you haven’t noticed yet there is an old man present in a lot of the photos for people who don’t know him this is my farther and all photos were taken at Sharp Point. This farther of mine is the man that pushes me to shoot at my full potential every shoot we go on. What a lad! Thank you for viewing my images and please leave your ideas and opinions.

19th July, 2011

Its been a while since I posted on here so I’ll keep the wording short. Some of these new photos included may have been taken by my new Canon EOS 5D MK II which i have no one to thank but my parents for believing in my passion and driving me to excel I thank them.

Just a large mix of photos this post more to come, please feel free to leave opinions and views, let me know on how you would have taken the photo differently, as i am still young and learning. Thank You for viewing.

7th, April 2011

This next shot is seen as one of my best shots and one of my “serious” shots as it was the first idea I had set in motion. The idea behind this had been stuck in my head for a while and had started to annoy me so one after noon i thought “what the hell”. The idea sounded complex but was very simple freeze a shot of milk hitting  the side of my face, again like many of my earlier shot my father helped out a huge bit, my mother also enjoyed being involved also as she got to throw the glass of milk at me. (It does help also when your father uses a lot of milk day-to-day so no shortage in that sense.)

To this day this is still the “people choice” as a lot of people have seen it and been amazed, I am very proud of this shot.

The shooting of this shot was anything but easy with the use of 2-3 litres of milk being drained down the plug hole either because I blinked or mis timing. The final product was a great accomplishment by myself, as I am straining almost every muscle in my face to keep those eyes open.

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